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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This is a review for the Konad Stamp Nail Art. I got the french nail art kit. This kit is very cool!I got it from a webiste called www.wowsocool.com . My kit was U$35.99 plus shipping. This kit comes with:

-3 image plates (m19, m45, m62)
-1 black nail polish
-1 white nail polish
-1 scraper
-1 stamper
-1 corrector pen
With this kit, you can make classic french tips or funky ones such as polka dots or animal prints.

How to use it:
Step 1: Paint your nails any color you like. You can use any nail polish of your preference.
Step 2: Once your nails are dry, prepare your "work station". I recommend covering your table with a paper towel ( to wipe off any excess easily), a cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover, the plate you selected, and the Konad polish* you want.
*You have to use Konad polish because they have a different consistency. They are tackier and stick on your nail easily. I've tried using regular nail polish and the stamper won't pick up anything. The only regular nail polish you can use that works well are chrome nail polishes. Sally Hansen used to have a collection but they have been discontinued. They can still be purchased on ebay.
Step 3: Brush a thick coat of Konad polish over the design selected on the plate. Immediately follow up with the scraper and at a 45 degree angle, scrape the excess off.
Step 4: Grab the stamper and roll it over the plate.
Step 5: You will see the design on the pad of the stamper. Transfer it onto your nail.
Step 6: You can use the Konad pen corrector to erase any excess polish on your finger.
*Remember to wipe off the plate before reapplying the polish everytime. If you don't the design may get smudgy. Use the cotton ball with polish remover to plate off the plate and the scraper before each use.

-very simple to use. Even if you don't look at the instructions, you can easily figure out how to use it.
-unlimited designs you can create
-you can make very cool designs
-the kit comes with everything you need

-you must use Konad nail polish. And as far as I know, you can only buy it online. ( If you live in Los Angeles, CA, I did see a kiosk on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica selling Konad products). Fortunately, customer service at wowsocool.com is awesome and they ship products very fast, so I wouldn't say it's the biggest deal ever, unless you are against online shopping.
-it is not fool proof. I have used my Konad stamper several times already and I have never been able to get through all my 10 fingers without something going wrong. Some common mistakes are not stamping straight, coming too short ( you roll the stamper on your nail and half way through you realize the design is not long enough to cover the entire nail).

In summary, I love Konad Stamper! I have received compliments on my nails several times! And when I say that I did it my self, people always get impressed. And honestly, even when they don't come out perfect, it seems like those are imperfections that only I notice. It may sound counter intuitive, but I actually use my Konad Stamper when I don't want to spend too much time doing my nails. The Konad Nail polish dries super fast ( or maybe it's because of the small amount being used). So I can apply 1 thin coat of clear polish, stamp my nails, apply a top coat and I'm done! Give it a shot and I hope you enjoy it as much I do. Have fun! :)

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