Bubble Bath Soap, but no bath tub? Use it for something else!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A very common gift that we all have received at some point is a spa set ( those baskets that come with bath salt, bubble bath, shower gel and a loofah). If you are like me, you use up all the shower gel and the loofah, and now you are stuck with bottles and bottles of bubble bath. I love taking bubble baths, but not having a bath tub definitely makes it hard to accomplish such relaxing activity! One use I have found for my bubble baths is to use it as a gym clothes freshener. Sometimes you just don't have time to do laundry in between your trips to the gym, especially if you go everyday. What I do is I wash them with bubble bath while I'm in the shower and then hang it to dry. It removes the smell of sweat and leaves your clothes smelling nice and clean, just like a bubble bath!

-your bottles of bubble bath don't go to waste
-they rinse off very easily
-very convenient to wash them while you are in the shower

-it is just a temporary fix. You should still wash your gym clothes when you do laundry.
-even though it removes the smell of sweat, it does not necessary cleanse the fabric. So if you have a stain, it will not likely come off.

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