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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

EOS is an organic lipbalm that can be purchased at a local drugstore or online. It is pretty affordable ( between U$3 to U$5 dollars depending on where you get it), although some may argue that it is too much for a lipbalm. It comes in three flavors: Honeysuckle, Sweet Mint and Summer Fruit. I purchased the summer fruit one at my local Rite Aid. I must say that I am very pleased with this lipbalm. Let's start with the packaging: It is so cool and innovative! Twice I have pulled my EOS out of my purse to apply and someone said " what is that?". The packaging is very creative and well made. The product itself is not disappointing either. I personally don' like lipbalms that are too wet, or sticky. And EOS lipbalm doesn't feel like that at all. It moisturizes without making you feel like you are wearing something on your lips. I often apply my EOS prior to applying some of my lipsticks that are more on the matte side. It works beautifully.

To summarize:
-Gorgeous packaging
-It's organic
-moisturizes your lips without feeling heavy
-pricier than the average lipbalm purchased at a drugstore
-may not be as easy to find at your local drugstore
-only has three choices of flavor

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